Sunday 18 March 2018

Some feedback to share about the 1st episode of #GLOWBUZZ

It's a kind of an obligation to write down a few words, share & credit some people, friends and rave soldiers who left their feedback about my new project of a show called #GLOWBUZZ.

It's been almost a month since it has launched, and all I have to say is a big THANK you from the bottom of my heart to all people who embraced this new effort. As already said, it's all made up for the good of the scene, the music and the movement I love/represent and I'm addicted to over the years! It's Nuskool Hardcore, the evolution, the next step and what anyone faces in the year 2018 when you see releases getting multiplied, new artists, labels and anything to confirm what Qbass once upon a time 'screamed' that "Hardcore Will Never Die"...

So you can check out some cool comments I've received via messages public or prv.. Furthermore you can click to each name and follow or even check out their music and stuff why not right?!
1st Science
"I think this is the way forward...A total different experience for the viewer and the listener."

AleX Tune
"Great idea to make a videoshow and perfect selection on the first episode. I'll wait for the 2nd chapter and also I hope your radio show will be back man..."

Apogee Breaks
"I really liked the show, it is nice to put a face in the voice and the format of the show is really good. I like the idea of you listening to tracks and providing visual information."

Beats Are Broken
"I loved the video. Great idea! Keep up the great work like everything you do!

Great quality and thanks for the dedication to the scene..."

"Nice fresh way of showcasing the new tunage!"

"Top notch vlog episode there GL0WKiD. Am loving the new direction here with visuals. Top stuff Guv'nor!"

Coco Bryce
"This is nice mate, well done! I think this format works nicely mate keeping it shorter than the radio show & just picking a few of the real quality releases to review."

Damage Inc.
"Great vid; reminds me a lot of Rapido or Dance Energy! Lots of great music inside"

DJ Pink Champagne
"You're fantastic man, such a great format and many crazy sounds. So fresh & new. I like it! Keep it up and keep rave alive!"

DJ Pressure
"In GL0WKiD we trust! Great concept and lovely work. Keep it up mate. Can't wait for ep 002..."

DJ Faydz

"Good work Peri! Well done and a top idea. You make a great presenter too! Keep it going."

"Very professional and a credit to you! Plus there are some tunes that I've never heard before which is obviously the aim. Bigup GK and...your hat is dope too"

DJ Nee
"This is an awesome idea! Loving the first one and looking forward to future episodes"

DJ Owl
"I think it has an even more personal touch having it on video than the radio show. Good stuff!"

DJ Gaffer
"I love the video format, nice & different. Keep up the good work for the scene as you doing mate!"

Indigo Virus
"Love the show, the idea and I see a lot of potential in the series. Makes a good show to watch I think like Glow TV!"

DJ Insane
"Awesome work! All about the #GLOWBUZZ and respect for the feature."

"I'm really impressed by the result of your work. It's on a higher level from your radioshow. The Hardcore evolved into Nuskool so you're a reference to this movement. I really appreciate your work because it requires a lot of effort & time of research."

"Reminds me of the archives of Simone Angel when MTV was more into the underground."

"Suberb stuff!!"

DJ Mark C
"Wicked! Time for new projects and fresh ideas. Really good idea and noone else is doing it."

Matt Positive
"Your execution, vision and approach was..FUCKING ACES!"

"This is fresh, I love the idea and got to hear some of new tunes and new artists; this really changes the game."

"I'm sure it will get bigger and bigger as its an original concept and I don't know of anyone else reviewing Hardcore like yourself. Quality recommendations."

"Good start mate! Always presenting great choices!"

Paul Cronin
"Super ble
edin awesome this is!"

"This is a fantastic idea. This could push up the scene!!"

"Outstanding G.K. love the video format . This should go down very very well with the massive. I will share where i can."

TNO Project
"I'm so glad to hear (and now see) the Glowrush going on... Really looking forward to further episodes!"

"Awesome work and great to see you back with your Hardcore spirit and enthusiasm now in video form. Thanks for including the Vitality sounds. Wasn't expecting that!"

Worldwide Epidemic
"Great work fella. A new take on reviewing. Love it!"

"Exciting video, I watched it 3 times in a row!"

This whole responce (apologies for any other missing but it's really huge what's all around) has now driven me into further planning about future episodes and of course we'll have the second one coming up soon. The only thing I can say is that it will be bigger and far way special than the debut. Better not to unveil any clue about, just get it done and do its own thing after. Work in progress so keep your eyes peeled then...


  1. Proud of u ma friend!!!!
    You always surprise us.
    Cheers from your brazilian Bro!!!