Wednesday 17 January 2018

Tribute Mix to the Greek electronic band MIKRO

And something quite different now...

I'd start my mini review taking things back in 1999, when I grabbed a copy of a local music magazine called UNDeR (which had a short life as it had released 3 issues only unfortunately).
It was the time when I fell accidentally on an interview with a fresh & aspiring Greek band, called Mikro (or Μίκρο) and focused reading about their life files and mission as well as their debut EP release 'Stagones' (Drops).

Over the years, I had the chance to catch them up live around many many gigs, therefore I can call myself a fan of them, since they're one of the most outstanding local acts to date.
Noteworthy to mention that this year they celebrate 20+ years of life & activity, thus I've took the decision to make a minimix paying homage to them.
A good blend of Big Beats, Techno, Electropop, Trip Hop and even more diverse styles is what identifies them from day 1 till present and more to come on a brand new forthcoming album as already announced.

Till then enjoy this mini-tribute made on the grounds of my big love to this band and furthermore a good chance to anyone who's not keen with them, to listen to these cool vibes.
(And as said already, this mix is out of usual glowing Hardcore)


  1. Sometimes remembered Hungarian band Neo. They also began from big beat and finished on electropop. But they don't forget old rave:

    1. Good point mate. I've started digging Neo and I'm into "Eklektogram" at the moment. Thank you ;)
      Good stuff!