Thursday 11 January 2018

Open Up Your Heart to my interview with INSANE & MIND

Happy 2018 and wish you all being bright and positive glowing from the bottom of your heart.. Did I say heart? Well, this is the key word for passion, love and Hardcore...

I'll just cite that my first interview for 2018 is already published and calls you all to open up your heart to that and to the interviewees behind like London's almighty badboy Hardcore duet of Insane & Mind (Ben & John).
These two locos have released an enormous single/ debut of their own imprint HOH Recordings in early 2016. Moreover, I personally keep on showing my mad love to their anthemic 'Open Up Your Heart', played it over various dj sets on live gigs & radio shows. Their work so far is the scene is absolutely full of reverence on the grounds of their passion & love for this music & our movement. And this exclusive interview @ Strictly Nuskool Blog has surfaced that fact and additionally more other useful info that will draw your interest.

Apart from that I would like to thank them again for the interview, all love that they've been showing and finally this limited gift that reached my place these days. And when I opened the heart was opened!

Insane: For me HOH Recordings was something I only ever dreamed about doing, let alone making tracks that people would actually want to buy and play and then see them do well. It all started one day when I just went and bought the bits I needed to start producing solo, and then outta our first attempts of flying solo, its resulted in the track 'Open Up Your Heart' which as you know turned out to be the first release on HOH Recordings almost 2 and a half years later!
And for the future of HOH, all I can say is onwards and upwards we defiantly have some big plans for HOH and don't intend on stopping anytime soon! 

Mind: Well I guess my first memory of Hardcore was during a snowboarding holiday in 1990 with Insane, and we had a little portable getto blaster that we took with us along with a few mix tapes!! One tune always stood out and that was 'One Tribe - What Have You Done'.
Still love this today! My first experience of a rave (if memory serves me) was Spirt in Hatfield in 1991.

Answering also the indispensable enquiry about relauching History Of Hardcore events ...

Insane: We’ve been asked this question what almost feels like monthly since our last event in 2012. And as we have always said, when the time and most importantly the venue is right! HOH should be back! One of my personal dreams is to do History Of Hardcore - The Festival. And I’ve always been a dream chaser! So who knows what the future holds! Just watch this space!

READ FULL INTERVIEW @ Strictly Nuskool Blog (coming alongside an exclusive Insane & Mind mix)
Bandcamp here

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