Monday 25 December 2017

My Glowing 'TOP 5 Albums' Of 2017

It's been so long since my last blogpost but that doesn't mean that I was inactive all the time, just out of my radio show since July and currently making plans for something fresh. Hopefully things will go up to the planning. Apart from that Strictly Nuskool Blog activity is still in full effect as you can notice on the main website.
Regarding Nuskool Hardcore music, specifically speaking, 2017 was all along a great year, a year of new releases, more vinyls, new labels, new & good friends and time to cite my TOP 5 of this year. It's a hard task to pick EPs or just tunes, thus decided to share my 5 indispensable albums/compilations that will draw your attention, deserve support and furthermore I keep showing my love either via Generation X [RadioShow] or by any others means in public.

2K17. The year which marked the 25th anniversary of the iconic 'SWEET HARMONY' so the best way to celebrate, was a second studio album by the legendary LIQUID.
Eamon Downes was fast enough to create 'ENERGY FLOWS' in almost 2 months, alongside the essential helping co-production of Sanxion featuring also additional vocalists Rachel Wallace & Davina Myers in 2 tunes. What makes this album attractive is the diversity of styles from Belgium Techno to Hardcore Breaks, Jungle, House and Dub, furthermore it came out on a triplepack limited 12" Vinyl on Billy Daniel Bunter's imprint, Music Mondays. Totally recommended for every Oldskool head that respects this eternal Rave substance. Suffice it to say that, I was a great deal happier giving this album a blast on my radio show hosting also an exclusive Interview & Mix from Ame. BUY

PURSUIT is 24/7 pursuited by his Nu-Rave passion over the last years I'm in touch with him and he's always into Hardcore digging for good cause. Based in Hull/UK, Chris has been putting a lot of effort and hard work on his solo works as well as on his label, This Is Nu-Rave, where he has released one more personal album during this summer, called 'A RAVE NEW WORLD'.
It's all about a CD only Double Album. The CD 1 consists of 10 unmixed tunes, while CD 2 includes a storming mix by Dave Junglist. The album was constantly loved by all and got sold out immediately. Pretty good work in overall transferred by 150 bpm and above, Hardcore slams!

 Early days of this year, the head honcho of Kniteforce Records, Luna-C, has decided to unveil the second chapter of 'VINYL IS BETTER' after 23 years. The work is done properly and this stands for present's evolved Breakbeat Hardcore. Either you call it Hardcore Breaks or Hardcore Breakbeat, this is a seriously big blend of breakbeats covering what I call like Nuskool Hardcore and props go to the amazing newish KF troopers who are an essential part for the future of the label and the movement too. Noteworthy the fact that KF has also launched its own web-radio during summertime! BUY

And now what about taking a trip to the good old euphoric Trance of late 90's and 00s? Even better, I'd suggest this wonderful, attractive and outstanding Footwork/Juke/Bass compilation full on reminiscence.
'WE BUY GOLD pres. TRANCEWORK 2.0' is an immense compilation of 23 remixes with the likes of FFF, Nightwave, Andrew Juke, Junglord, Wheez-ie etc. This one came out in November and is one of my top favourite compilations of this year for two reasons. First of all I really like the 'reworks' concept of this release and secondly on the grounds of its high range quality and result. Out on digital format. BUY

Moving to the illustrious duet of RatPack who are back with a superb 19track release including quality & quantity of features inside like Slipmatt, Baby D, The Freestylers, Shut Up And Dance, Billy Daniel Bunter etc. Apart from that there's the right combo of Techno, Bass, Acid, Garage, D&B, Breaks accompanied with the appropriate energy that the Rats are known about. I'm very happy meeting them personally @ Unity In The Sun and having some great time over there alongside an interview.

The (CO)LabRats is the ideal party soundtrack of 2017. BUY

Apart from the albums, I would like to mention just a few standout new producers & labels that brightened during this year and you should get to know them better, because the future is theirs.

Next days I'll post my Hall of Fame 2017 Mix for the duties of the Strictly Nuskool Blog. For those who don't know about it, it's an annual series of podcasts by myself & my good colleague & friend, Tariq Ziyad including our top of the top tunes of each year.
Till then, have a good time till NYE and fuel your day & night with wine and good dishes!

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