Thursday 31 August 2017

Generation X [RadioShow] @ Planet Rave Radio - Season 2016-2017 [FREE DL of shows archive]

All my good fellas, all followers, subscribers & listeners of Generation X [RadioShow] I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the continuous good words and full support to this show and my work throughout this season and all over the years.
It's been a ruff and crazy season, running 29 shows in overall with guests like Billy Daniel Bunter, DJ Vibes, RatPack, DJ Fat Controller, Liquid (presenting his new album), Luna-C (celebrating 25 years of Kniteforce Records), Si from 2 Bad Mice for the act's 25th birthday, Mark Archer (celebrating 25 years of 'Full on Mask Hysteria'), ComeRaveInPeace, Demcore, TNO Project, FFF, DieTRAX, Systec & Sir Rice.

I'd like now to share a Free DL link incl. all shows from 2016-2017, so you can save them to your collection, as most of you ask very often for some audio copies of this weekly radioparty.
So, follow the link above and of course unnecessary to say that you may share it as well with your friends and any other who's wondering or searching for newish & modern Hardcore Rave tunes.


Apart from that, I've made up my mind and took the decision to have a break and put a pause on GenX show, so I'd mainly focus on the Strictly Nuskool Blog at present. Just need some extra fuel, some extra rest from the shows in order to refresh myself with new things maybe..
So to be honest it's currently unknown when I'll be back on airwaves.. Best answer is when I'm feeling it's the right time again.
BigUp goes to all producers, labels, all mad crew & radio stations for being kind and good with me and GenX show. 
I'll be.. back strong-air soon fellas.

Never losing the Hardcore of course, will be still here active will more updates...
Till next time  ...

Big Glowluv!

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  1. GenX was a great show. You always gave it your best and it showed. I'm sure a break will help you set your sights on the next thing that will fuel your energy, and hopefully you'll be back soon enough.

    You have fans, you know :) Be well