Thursday 21 July 2016

GL0WKiD wt. XENOPHOBIA - Generation X [RadioShow] @ Planet Rave Radio (19 JUL.2016)

E Come Alive E Come Alive E Come Alive!

The final episode of this season came out 2 days ago, with a great result and was more...RUSHIN than expected!
I'm very stoked for the whole project of this showcase, from the start to the end and the whole super feedback received all around especially from my special guest, SID Truelove, the mastermind of the oldskool hardcore rave act XENOPHOBIA.

I had scheduled in my mind the concept of this special showcase since last year, when Xenophobia's 'BRING ON THE RUSH' LP was about to be released tho it got a delay and finally came out this week. One year later then. Better late than never they say and it's true!

'BRING ON THE RUSH' is for sure one of my top 5 albums in 2016 and I'd describe it as a 'proper illecit outdoor rave album'! Goes straight outta field!
I had the pleasure to put a special 2hr playing out all 18 tracks from there, hosting also act's frontman SID Truelove on a radio interview talking about the album progress, the early oldskool days, Carl Cox, Nicky Blackmarket and Mixmag support, the big success of 'Rush In The House' and 'The Wobbler', Spiral Tribe raves and many more others from the golden era of 90's.
SID has put also a superb guest mix including unreleased material (mostly into D&B and modern electro), which is featured on a forthcoming personal album titled 'INTO THE DARKNUSS' which will come out soon... Worth to mention that all show's live listeners & chatroom crew, got the chance to grab free digital copies of both 'BRING ON THE RUSH' and 'INTO THE DARKNUSS' albums under the kind permission and offering by SID, exclusively to GenX show and only.

So, here's the featured tracklist and the full recording of 19th July GenX showcase as broadcasted live @ Planet Rave Radio, presented & hosted by GL0WKiD - Live streaming from Athens/Greece.

The final episode of this season due to some rest and holidays as needed...

We Come In Peace
Easy Does It
Syko DF
Rush In The House
Tears of Gladnuss
Feel The Fire
Brothers & Sisters
The Wobbler Remix
The Wobbler
Bass Stations
Into Combat
One Step Beyond
Rush In The House Remix
Project 250

- Interview with Sid Truelove (Xenophobia) [TIME: 71:20 - 91:49]
- Xenophobia Guest Mix [TIME: 91:50 - 118:38]

- Closing tunes by GL0WKiD -
Xenophobia - Rush In The House
Xenophobia - The Wobbler

Nuff Respect to XENOPHOBIA!
Sid Truelove (a.k.a DJ Terminator) Zillah Minx (a.k.a The Acid Ultra Violet Queen) and Bert Fuzz (a.k.a. MC Scallywag)

'BRING ON THE RUSH' BUY links (CD/Digital - Vinyl out in a few weeks)

(1) Bandcamp  HERE 
(2) Junodownload  HERE
(3) iTunes  HERE
(4)  HERE
(5) Intense Records Online Store  HERE
(6) Juno Records  HERE
(7) Underground Music  HERE
(8) Hardstore  HERE
(9) Discogs  HERE


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CU all soon again live on Planet Rave Radio...!
Have a great summertime and watch this space for the announcement of the new season shows.. BigUp truly to each and every listener, devoted Hardcore head, promoter, label manager as well as producer, who's keeping it real first of all and secondly giving support to my work on Generation X [RadioShow].

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