Friday 22 July 2016

'Can't Stop' loving this great album by Inspector Sands!

Signed CD copy of 'Can't Stop'

This summer looks totally insane due to a storming number of quality releases, specialized on Artist Albums. A good example, is the fresh 14track personal Album by INSPECTOR SANDS which I'd describe it as one of the best Breakbeat Hardcore albums ever, covering a different and self approach of Nuskool Hardcore music at present!

I'm very pleased and honoured receiving a CD copy of 'CAN'T STOP' (as a gift from him) during this week, as well as been given so many good words about my support to his music.
And that's deserved, because this album is a masterpiece of dirty bass, rushing pianos and modern hardcore overdose!

'CAN'T STOP' consists of 14 tracks in total, 9 of them are fresh and previously unreleased tracks and 5 others are exclusive album mixes. The whole result is absolutely magnificent, starting from the attractive artwork by the legendary Junior Tomlin to featured established remixers like Luna-C, Fracus & Darwin and Chris Ross, as well as collabs with Hattrixx, CLSM, Jason UFO and special vocals by Si Genaro and Charley. And it's out now on the almighty CLSM label on limited CD & Digital format.
I bet you must be totally covered and fueled with all these...right?

So, last week I had the chance to get an interview with Inspector Sands (a.k.a Adam Wright) @ Strictly Nuskool Blog, and he was truly sincere and in full detail about his music life, which begins around mid-90's.

" I started doing gigs above a pub in Derbyshire called Adikted To Dance. The idea was we would play all kinds of dance music in an upstairs room while all the cheesy or commercial stuff was downstairs. I used to get a couple of local DJ's to come and play, but because we weren't attracting anyone after a while they weren't bothered. The exception was Danny Nightingale, who has gone on to do really well within the house scene, I actually went to school with him. He would turn up every week, no matter how many people were there and play for nothing, a great example to all budding DJ's. "

His first booking deal with DJ Vibes as an event organizer...

" I rang him there and then and we got a price, which was way out of our budget, however it was still achievable, there was still a bit in this community trust and we both had paper rounds!

" We booked Vibes who wanted a deposit, so we borrowed some money off my dad and it was all done. "

Once again, I have to admit that it's been a great and honourable moment seeing my name into the thanxgivin part inside the official booklet of a release, so I'd like to thank and send my massive shouts out to Adam!

''...I thank people for their support through the stressful times of making the album, the stress isn't the production, that's really enjoyable, it's everything else that goes with it, when I decided to do the album everything had to be right, 100% right, so anything that was only 99% right caused me stress, just because I wanted it to be perfect, I wanted people to look and listen to the the album and go wow!
So I toyed with a sleeve with a disc in, but then thought I'd regret it in a few years, then it was a digipack, but I couldn't thank and give credit to everyone in the space available, so it ended up being a digipack with booklet."

Read full interview @ Strictly Nuskool Blog HERE

BUY the Album HERE


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