Monday 22 February 2016

Video Interview with LIQUID (Brainstorm 2016 - Greece)

About a month ago, I had the great chance to do an interview with the living legendary Eamon Downes from LIQUID, well known of the classic '90s anthem 'Sweet Harmony' and one of the most established Oldschool members in DJing and production since the golden era of the '90s.

This interview was held in Salonica/Greece, after his live set @ Brainstorm 2016. Liquid managed again to fire up the crowd with old & new stuff of him, as he has been absent from this city for almost 20 years. The result was a sweet harmonious and emotional set, where people succeed to reborn themselves to the days of youth...

Check out the link below with his interview, where he's been talking about his story so far like the involvement with XL Recordings and the 'Sweet Harmony' gem, as well as future plans, releases, Liquid-8 project with Mark Archer and finally his big love to Greece.

We do know very well in Greece, that we have a unique relationship and contact with Liquid all over these years and that night will remain unbeatable till the next one...

Thank you Liquid! Nuff Respect!

(press CC button to watch it with English subtitles)

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