Wednesday 17 February 2016

GL0WKiD pres. 'ACME BASS RECORDS Special' - Planet Rave Radio (16FEB.2016)

This show was recorded as broadcasted live @ Planet Rave Radio, on 16th February 2016 - presented & hosted by GL0WKiD
Live streaming from Athens/Greece.

'ACME BASS RECORDS Special', an energetic 2hr tribute to one of my fav UK underground 'mutant rave' labels, featuring its banging releases and showing big appreciation to its founders/managers like Manarchy & Spaceface, both great supporters of GenX show as well.


Mr Sin - Don Bad Man
Mr Sin - The Lift
RBR - Brain Smash
Manarchy - Cretinator
Spaceface - whaak mcs
C More - Do Not Disturb
Manarchy - Dirty Bag
Manarchy - Devils Sandwich
Spaceface - Area Of The Brain
Spaceface - Attic Attack
Invisible Man - Twisted (Original Mix)
Invisible Man - Twisted (Manarchy Remix)
Spaceface - Dephekt
Mustard Gun VS Onken - Big Fat Booty
Spaceface - Last Drop
Onken - Trap Thief
Manarchy - Technical Warning
Onken - Acid Hardcore 9
Audiogutter - Concrete Jungle
Swedger - Buy Dem
Manarchy - Rewire
Spaceface - The Siren
Spaceface - Into Orbit
Manarchy - Mind Noise
Manarchy - Wargwarnin
Manarchy - Sketchout
Spaceface - Pink Plotter
Monolith Culture feat JFK - No More Secrets
Swedger - Deadly White Powder
Manarchy - Dementia
Mustard Gunn - Get Mash Up
Onken - The Devils Work
Onken - Heart of Darkness
C more - Running The Piles
Onken - No More Room In Hell
Spaceface - Breakwhore (o.a.p mix)


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