Monday 22 April 2024

Guest Mix at Radio Relativa (17th April 2024)

A brand new glowing mix was broadcasted on 17th of April at Madrid's finest experimental radio, better known as Radio Relativa.

RR was founded in 2018 and as officially stated, it is a "platform dedicated to promoting and connecting diverse artists and cultural initiatives from Madrid to the world"It operates as a non-profit association, bringing together artists, djs, vjs, musicians etc. in order to create an independent and experimental community as everyone deliver their own artistic character. Noteworthy to mention that the project and web developed with the support of Área de Gobierno de Cultura, Turismo y Deporte del Ayuntamiento de Madrid.

As usual, this mix contains proper hardcore and junglistic vibes that drew my attention a lot these days while re-digging my digi folders.


Alkistis Protopsalti - Pame Hawaii [Heaven Music]
Laid Blak - Its a Pity (Captain Al Booty) [Self-Release]
Missy Unknown - Valley of the Freak [RÅTTATRAX]
UMA MUSK - Baby Boy [Self-Release]
Baitman Swell & Osh Kosh - If You Wanna [Inkripted Records]
M.I.A - Bad Girls (TS Banging On The Dancefloor Mix) [Self-Release]
Y U QT - Y'all Ready For Dis [Y U QT]
UnoTurbo - 2 Love [Teethy]
4AM Kru - Ooh Boy [Self-Release]
D.K. Ritual – You And Me (90's mix) [Self-Release]
Cheff The Boy - Is That U [NOT 4 HUMAN CONSUMPTION]
DUALITY - Start This Sh!t! [Intaception]
DJ B - Let U Drop [Da Demolition Squad]
Itamirinen & Arcade Trauma - Keeping The Happy Vibe Alive (Arcade Trauma Remix) [Asionyta]
corri303 - SimpleSetups11 - OldschoolHappyHardcore (AKAI S1000) [Self-Release]
X-COAST - Bailando (Dunman's 165 Edit) [Self-Release]
Brake Fade - Esena Perimeno [Self-Release]
Peggy Gou - Nanana (DJ KRAS rmx) [Self-Release]
Peggy Gou - 1+1=1 (Beatless Mix) [XL]
Burial - Boy Sent From Above [XL]

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