Sunday 18 December 2022

Hardcore Breaks Round-up:: Top 20 Vinyl Records of 2022


What a year! It's been three decades since the birth of the massive Breakbeat Hardcore sound with some amazing records hitting the charts back then with the likes of The Prodigy, Acen, Liquid, SL2, DJ Seduction, Isotonik but to name a few.
Since, 'We Are Hardcore' is our massive statement as of '92 (hats off to the anthem tune by The House Crew) I'd like to make a special reference to some records that represent that sound and get it to the next level throughout 2022.

It's a notorious Top 20 recommendation of 2022 with pride and glowluv to all the people who work hard behind these quality productions. Anyone on the list is included only once, in order to be fair with the great amount of records that came out this year. The majority of these Vinyl releases are also available digitally and you may click the 'buy' link on each release. To be fair, you'll get the right energy eruption rather than energy crisis from these vibes!

On a personal point of view, this year had its own highlight and I'm still buzzing even thinking of it. It's about the first Knite Club event, organized by Kniteforce Records. It took place at Scala in London in mid-September and eventually Hardcore won everything and everyone,  before the World Cup kick-off. If you were one of a few that haven't joined this big party, you can take a gander at my vlog capturing some of that vibe, through the eyes of a raver...
Other than that, I never forget my influences and since there has been a band that means everything to me, there's a showcase broadcasted on Kniteforce Radio in last September, celebrating the 30th anniversary of The Prodigy's debut album 'Experience. The long play beginning of their legendary career...
Talking about legends, RIP to the one and only Stu Allan, who passed away some months ago.


Off to the music recommendation now; a couple of goodies and gifts for your friends and rave family for the last few days of 2022.
Remember to support the Artists and the Labels behind this result that you get from there.
And the list goes like:

  • Boca - Four Jacks Vol.3 [Four Jacks]
[4j-003 - Vinyl, Digital] - BUY

  • Case 82 - Positive Vibrations [13Monkeys]
[13MRD064 - Vinyl, Digital] - BUY

  • Celsius - 1992 [PRSPCT Recordings]
[PRSPCT275 - Vinyl, Cassette, Digital] - BUY

  • Core Dimension ft. Angie Brown - Feel The Power/Feel You [Return Of The Vibe]
[ROTV008 - Vinyl, Digital] - BUY

  • Dawl - Pump Up The Noise [Amen Brother]
[AB-VFS015 - Vinyl & Digital] - BUY

  • DS1 - The Bully Parade [Kniteforce White]
[KFW13 - Vinyl & Digital] - BUY

  • Fibzy - The Deirdre Barlow [4 The Core]
[4TCRV02 - Vinyl & Digital] - BUY

  • Hughesee, Louise Plus One, Dwarde - A Banging Party [Distant Planet]
[Distant Planet 001 - Vinyl, Digital] - BUY

  • Innercore - Voltage Controller [Parallax]
[PARA013 - Vinyl, Digital] - BUY

  • Pete Cannon - The 8bit Lick E​.​P [N4 Records]
[N4011 - Vinyl, Digital] - BUY

  • Radicall - In The Shade [Cantina Cuts]
[CC09 - Vinyl, Digital] - BUY

  • Renegade/Rage/Chasing Ghosts - Take Off EP [Phonomena Records]
[PHON001 - Vinyl & Digital] - BUY

  • Settle Down - The Trip [Western Lore]
[LORE005 - Vinyl, Digital] - BUY

  • Unknown - Pillz Vol.2 [Pillz]
[Pillz002 - Vinyl, Digital] - BUY

  • Unknown - 4am [Parade]
[PARADE002 - Vinyl] - BUY

  • V.A. - The Secret of the Spirit [Paranoid Recordings]
[PRVEP005 - Vinyl, Digital] - BUY

  • V.A. - Flatliners #2 [Flatliners]
[FLAT002 - Vinyl, Digital] - BUY

  • Shades of Rhythm - Eden: Every Shade Extended Boxset [Kniteforce]
[KF194-KF195 - Vinyl & Digital] - BUY

  • Zhute VS Bino - The Face Off [Hardcore Vinylists]
[DCLS008 - Vinyl] - BUY

  • Z-Neo - Trueskool EP [Rave Radio Records]
[RRRDJ009 - Vinyl, Digital] - BUY

Closing with my final mix for this year in case you slept on that. It's taken from the Strictly Nuskool Blog's Hall of Fame 2022 and you can give a listen below:

Nothing more or less, stay strong and energetic and...
Happy 2023 dudes and dudettes :)

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  1. What a year for BreakBeat. Picking a top 20 is mission impossible. So congrats for being able to pick just 20. NOW if it was to have been top 30, the question is: other than the obvious Stu Chapman, who else would be featured?