Sunday 4 September 2022

#WirMachenSichtbar - Zug Der Liebe 2022

(Foto by Thomas Kemp)

Zug Der Liebe is a Techno Parade taking place in the capital of the Techno movement that is Berlin, representing the power of unity, freedom and musical expression. To be precise, Zug Der Liebe (translated as 'The Love Train') is a political demonstration aiming to highlight human values, rights, love and compassion.

This year it took place on 27th of August with a total number of 15 trucks and, as rumoured, about 9,000 people out in the streets. You can easily say that parades like this or Rave The Planet are just so refreshing inside the mind and soul of every attendee.

I was tempted to search and find some info about this year's fest, thus asked a friend of mine to send over his review as he participated playing out his first set in 2 decades. It's Oliver Kraus, known as Noxious Element.
Just for the record, his project was conceived in 1993 and in 1999 made the first vinyl release (among his fellow, Jörg Schellhaas) on the label Phuturewax by Tom Wax.
In 2001 Kraus moved to Munich and concentrated more on his work as a sound designer, jingle composer, and radio producer. One of his latest releases is a massive remix on 'Plur' by Tom Wax & Dr. Motte and more to say about it, if you're into Techno sound.

Let's get an insight of Zug Der Liebe through the eyes of Oliver Kraus (aka Noxious Element).

"You missed the Loveparade, which is now called Rave The Planet, because it has this new name? Or maybe you missed that there was a kinda restart? If so, there's the alternative 'brother' called Zug der Liebe. 

Since I have remixed a tune from Dr. Motte (the founder of Loveparade) a few weeks ago I will not be able to be very objective. On the other hand I am connected with Zug der Liebe as i also submitted a tune on their official compilation and have recently played on the aftershow party. So there is a subjective consideration on both sides.

My last Love Parade was in 1998 and my last Zug der Liebe was a few days ago.

To be honest, I can assure you that I didn't ask anyone what I should or must say. So here is a completely spontaneous impression and memory protocol of the past parade: compared to the Love Parade or Rave the Planet, the Zug der Liebe is much smaller, but with 13 cars still enough to drive a dancing avalanche through the capital.
I walked along the whole train and listened to every kind of sound flying around my ears. From classic Techno, House, Drum 'n' Bass to Hardstyle and even Gabber, the repertoire ranged. So Zug Der Liebe is not only about connection and communication but also exists in the versatily of music.
And also the audience is quite diverse. You can actually notice some weirdly dressed colorful peeps, which you would rather expect in Kater Blau or Ritter Butzke; of course the typical Berghain guests may not be missing. Loosely based on a German rapper: they wear black until there is something darker.

But even 'customers' who are completely unfamiliar with the whole culture are getting involved with this concept. From the administrative assistant from Mitte to the pensioner, who joins the line equipped with a walker and slippers, you can find Metal heads, hip-hoppers, hipsters, hoarders etc.
The police also behaved very peacefully in overall, letting more freedom around the festival than controlled.
If I had to and could choose whether I would rather go to the Love Parade or the Love Train, the answer would be quite simple. Just the sheer size of the Love Parade rather put me off even then. All in all, the parade was just a reason for us to take the arduous journey to Berlin, like at a folk festival we visited (Die Siegessäule) and ate something typically Berlin. Berliners are supposed to be the hot shit there! (A joke that only Germans understand and Berliners hate.)

The weather was really lousy and then much friendlier and except a few raindrops at the beginning, it stayed dry at least as long as I was there.

To compare Zug der Liebe with the Love Parade you would need a time machine like Marty Macfly and Dr. Emmet Brown. Because the last real Love Parade took place in 2006. I don't want to call the terribly obscene attempts of a gym operator that followed a Love Parade. Not to mention the terrible disaster in Duisburg.
Only time will tell if Rave the Planet has what it takes to be a long-running hit. That's why this year, for me, the winner is clearly the Zug der Liebe: clearer, with more space for dancing, but still with enough visitors for a decent atmosphere. And also it's quite suitable for families. However, the little ones should already be able and willing to walk. And of course nothing goes without sufficient ear protection.

What also supports my decision: Zuge Der Liebe is an association that has made its business to offer a platform to associations and organizations that do good. Therefore, also the motto of this year, #wirmachensichtbar (we make visible)

Finally, I'd recommend you: Buy some blister plasters, grab your dancing sneakers and be there next year. I will definitely be back at the start! See you there!" - Olli Kraus (Noxious Element)

Zug Der Liebe - website

Noxious Element - website

"The "Zug der Liebe Compilation 2022" reflects the diversity of our commitment. You can expect a wide range of electronic music from House and Techno to Breaks and Electronica. Support comes from well-known artists from the scene like Mijk van Dijk, Tom Wax, Kay Barton and many many more. Newcomers also get the chance to be in the spotlight and present their music to a wide audience. All profits from this compilation go directly to the work of Zug der Liebe e.V. in Berlin. Have fun with our compilation 2022. From Berlin with LOVE !" - Zug Der Liebe compilation - official description

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