Monday 7 March 2022

Top 5 Vinyl Recommendation (Spring 2022)

Core Dimension with Angie Brown [Return Of The Vibe]

The latest offering of Return of The Vibe is completely outstanding.
In a nutshell, this is the way that Hardcore Breaks will go ahead throughout this new year, coming healthy and strong 30 years after the golden 1992.

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DS1 - The Bully Parade [Kniteforce White]

You'd probably asked yourself plenty of times who could be the mysterious producer(s) behind the DS1 project. If you're still stuck on that riddle, you'd better be informed that there's a new release from DS1 on Kniteforce White and it's absolutely smashing! I had the pleasure getting an early promo of this EP and played couple of this stuff (e.g. 'Unfamiliar Home') at my radioshow last year. This extended play is a contemporary underground open with big pianos and a kniteforce friendly combo of dark & happy elements.

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Unknown - 4 am [Parade]

We know almost nothing about this record and that makes it more attractive.
Four belters made by four different and well-known producers as described in the release info and the second offering of the Parade label is just magnificent.
Happiness, rave stabs, hard breakbeats and junglism sum up a quality offering on a limited number of copies. One more proud record!

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Pete Cannon - N4 Naughty Vol.1 [N4 Records]

Words are poor for the King Cannon. In other words, it's more than priviledge living in 2022 and watching his 100% authentic style live videos messing around with his hardware beauties. Pete Cannon has just put 2 new incredible slamming gems as we're still waiting for his personal album updates and news...
Time to fell in love with his naughty breakbeats if you haven't already.

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V.A. - The Someday EP [Paranoid Recordings]

Paranoid Recordings release a 12" Vinyl EP coming among a free CD of 12 tracks. Who would say 'no'; Moreover when it's also made for a good cause.
Class Hardcore Breaks vinylized tracks with the likes of JMT, RenegadeGenius and Gaffer alongside a selection of first class hcb soldiers on the CD format.

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