Thursday 19 August 2021

12" of August 2021

Local Group - Big Beats Are The Best [1Ø PILLS MATE]

London's infamous joint of LMajor and Corporeal Face deliver one more incredible weapon obeying to the oldskool rave ethos, moreover showcasing their talent in a startling melting pot of the established British raving sounds from back in the day.
The boys don't disappoint at all on their new personal futuristic rave majesty, including also a storming trancy and bouncy remix by their good friend Angel D'Lite.
This great record is coming out in September, on 12" Vinyl and Digital format via 1Ø PILLS MATE.


TRY UNITY - Repainted EP [Rave Radio Records]

Bright-ON! The hard working trio is back after a while and this time the stage belongs to their friends who pay tribute to their debut LP, 'Neurons & Chemicals'; remixing couple of tracks from there. Ellis Dee, Jack Smooth, Coco Bryce and Secret Squirrel are the names behind this huge piece of sophisticated underground hardcore music from the UK.
The 12" Vinyl pre-order option is now open and you can grab it from the official Rave Radio Records website.



V.A. - South Coast Survivors EP [Candina Cuts]
We should focus on DJ Jedi's relentless work within the nuskool hardcore galaxy.
Candina Cuts, his new 'baby' is thriving pretty well and the latest 12" Vinyl EP consists of Nightmare & UFO, DJ Melody, Blade and Jedi himself.
"They are established names in hardcore and drum & bass, but for most of the artists these are the first breakbeat rave tracks they have produced for many years. Some of these DJs and producers could also be found serving up the latest white labels at the south coast’s best known record shops back in the day. Here’s some background on the artists, and how the concept for this EP came about." - Jedi

Celebrate the nu breakbeat sounds with this amazing 7th record of Cantina Cuts.
South Coast UK Rave scores!


Innercore - Innercore Volume 4 [Self Release]

'The Calling'. A track that has every single element that would force you to fell in love again with the hardcore breakbeat sounds. Reece bass, frenetic breakbeats, hip hop samples, big pianos and even more dancefloor feelings.
The 4th personal strike of Innercore is comprised of two tracks on a 12"Vinyl, out on a very limited number of copies. If you're unaware of this series of records (I doubt you are), it's never too late to add them all five to your collection. Proper '92-'93 hardcore.


Jonny L - Hurt You So (Original and Remixes) [Kniteforce Records]

We're nothing less than fortunated to say that Kniteforce Records is currently working on one more huge box set! The very classic 'Hurt U So' by the L-egendary Jonny L is being celebrated by the Kniteforce Records familia as officially stated above:

"Arguably one of the biggest and best tracks of 1992, the track that put the legendary Jonny L on the map, the one and only Hurt You So, is getting the remaster/remix treatment courtesy of us, your friends at Kniteforce Records.
While I have opted to make this a single playlist, this will actually be two releases, one with the original '92 mixes, and one with remixes from Phuture Assassins, Dope Ammo and (absolute legend) Ed Solo, and the long sought after Bootleg Mix."

Check out the previews on the soundcloud link on the bottom; that's the only thing we got at the moment plus the official rekease date of 1st October. One of these forthcoming new Vinyl releases that cause an emotional value of getting remastered and remixed by new acts.

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