Sunday 14 March 2021

Top 5 Vinyl Recommendation (Spring 2021)

Spring means flowers, blissful feelings, happy smiles, optimism and once again, records. So here's my recommendation of five fresh 12" Vinyls under various genres such as Hardcore Breaks, Jungle, Drum & Bass and Breaks, UK Garage. Enjoy!

I'm still very excited listening to this incredible record and new offering from Rave Radio Records.
Z-NEO from Germany presents his debut Hardcore Breaks release, despite his Psy-Trance usual works. 'New Hope EP' consists of four (+1 digital extra) tracks of proper and intensive breakbeats. If you're aware of Mannheim's Dragon Technicals mid-00s releases, then you know what to expect. To be honest, this release came out of the blue, but it goes down a storm, cos it has the right elements of energy to lift you up. Proper fresh installment from the mighty Brighton collective, who are simultaneously working on the next Calling The Hardcore event!

Now you can instantly say that Knuckles is known of his KFA tracks. On top of that, for anyone sophisticated, Knuckles is the man behind this page on Soundcloud, known as The Longestman. And it's a fact! 'The Slow Burn EP' is his debut personal 12" Vinyl, hence this release deserves your attention. There are tracks written a while ago and got the big OK to be put out on K Records, the new sub-label of Kniteforce. Non slow as the title tricks, but fast and furious rhythms, dreamy strings, scratches, big pianos and..lazers. A super weapon of invigorating Hardcore Breaks tracks for your sets and collection.

You should not sleep on this one.. 3AM Eternal Records is the personal imprint and new home of the established producer/dj, FFF/Triple Times F from Rotterdam, who's launched 2021 with the second Junglistic offering via his label. This time we're dealing with a massive split with UK producers, Duburban and 'Back For More' is the result of chopping amen breaks and dark aggression of the year 1994, divided in two sides each one represented by each producer.
A must to have 12" Vinyl for your collection. For all massive and crew who're determined to go..back for more. This is the soundtrack and the right time machine to transcend to the modern futuristic Jungle.

The legendary Voyager (a.k.a. Pete Parsons) makes one more great record comprised of three new tracks, this time on Rotterdam's SPEED; sub-label of Tempo Records. Expect quality and solid Drum & Bass from a man who's been the mastermind and engineer behind a big quantity of tracks from back in the day. The self-titled 'Voyager' is available to pre-order now as it feels like it's a renovated liquid funk 1995 again.  

Club Glow returns with one of their biggest records reppin the next step of UK Rave, whilst warming up the new generation of ravers for a big return to the dancefloors. 'Need U' is by far one of the greatest tracks of this year and the mastermind behind the second 12" Vinyl of the label, Borai, has made a superb work. However out of all four tracks, this self-titled track, 'Need U' is the right rhythmical euphoric resurrection of the new era after Covid. No doubt about it. Moreover, make sure to follow this amazing collective of 'futuristic Hardcore' producers thrived into the warehouse sounds, namely Denham Audio, LMajor, Mani Festo and Bristol's Borai.

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