Monday 26 October 2020

Make Love Great Again ... #RaveThePlanet

Berlin, the Rave year 2020.

It's been almost 3 decades since the fall of the wall and the first Love Parade and nowdays the world's fighting against an out of the blue, pandemic. People are striving to be healthy, strong and optimistic about the future.
And into this mix, we now have the current upheavals off Covid19, which is starving Berlin's vital 'nutrition' which largely comes from tourists and party heads.

Berlin's club life is facing a crisis, although there are alternative options. The legendary Berghain, located in a disused East German power plant, being one of the biggest and most famous Techno Mecca, has transformed into an arts exhibition space, more out of necessity and survival than as a thought-out strategy. There have been also new methods to keep the vibe alive, such as virtual parties/sets or even dance meditation, delivered by a local team called Meditanzion.

"Do what you want but stay in communication!" has been the motto of KitKatClub, one more infamous nightclub in the city, active since 1994.

The communication in the dancefloor through music is something that we would like to keep alive and revive as soon as possible...The beauty of Techno and Electronic Dance music in overall, as a magic gift that can hopefully heal everything we've been missing these months, can make a reappearance on the dancefloors. Empty weekends turned to become heartful feelings, wishes and likely promises for a new Rave breed.
Advocators would also claim for a new era of Love.
Who knows?
Well, Berliners maybe, do know...

Berlin is a city which always has to be at the forefront of the underground Electronic Dance music and will not give up that easily... In times when clubs have shut down and everyone within the music scene is suffering, our support is due more than ever. This is something that we should never forget. Something that enflames our mind & soul with the right memories of Rave innocence.
And this has been encapsulated in the good old Love Parade days of .. 'Liebe Freude, Eierkuchen' translated from German like 'Love, Peace, Pancakes'. A motto which been given back then by Matthias Roeingh a.k.a Dr. Motte.

Early of this year, this great Techno personality, the legend who invented Love Parade, has decided to launch a new project aiming to 'make love great again!' to the masses and also preserve and maintain the essense of Electronic Dance music and culture. And the name of it is, RAVE THE PLANET.

"Because we believe that electronic music is a special cultural asset in urgent need of preservation, our goal is to make it generally comprehensible for everyone while at the same time fostering understanding among nations and peoples. This is why we are standing up to appeal that electronic music culture be included on the UNESCO LIST OF INTANGIBLE CULTURAL HERITAGE."

Determined to keep Berlin as one of the pioneering cities in Electronic Music and Arts in general, the team behind RAVE THE PLANET meets the current challenge during these hard times, in order to resonate worldwide love with this large open-air celebratory festival.

"Doesn’t our world urgently need more joy, more peace, more togetherness – more love?"

Brothers & Sisters, brace yourselves in a few months from now and be a part of it! The date of the Love resurrection and the first RAVE THE PLANET massive open-air large party is on 9th July 2022, the date of the traditional Love Weekend in Germany.
glowing support in Athens
glowing support in Athens
In the Mall of Berlin there's already a 48-meter model of the original Love Parade route including the Victory Column (Siegessäule) fueled with handmade miniatures of ravers. One of these figures can be purchased by anyone, by donating at least 5 €. 
Doing this small gesture is a small way to support this project, and also keep the spirit of Rave alive.

All in all, for a loyal rave fan like myself that unfortunately missed those golden days of Love Parade, an aspiring festival of unity like this one, means something more than music and couldn't launch at a better time. A new beginning has awakened and reenergises a spirit that is set to take place in July 2022 over Berlin city. The city, which never fails musically, led by a passionate guru of the kind like Herr Dr. Motte.

Follow the RAVE THE PLANET links at the bottom of this article and stay updated with everything about this project. You should take a glance at their informative and amazing website and spread the news to your friends about it as well!

Closing with some Love Parade tributes. These days will never return for sure, but just remember that everything is in our hands to create again the right peaceful buzz surrounded by Electronic Dance music. The ace in the hole to every avid Raver.



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