Tuesday 22 September 2020

ANNOUNCEMENT:: Generation X [RadioShow] @ Kniteforce Radio |Season 2020-2021|


2020 is the year of my big radio return! And a show which is the real reason of the glow existence, in a few words. The well-known as Generation X [RadioShow].

Generation X [RadioShow] is back again broadcasting
Each first Tuesday of every month at 17:30-19:00 [UK TIME]
over the almighty Kniteforce Radio (www.kniteforce-radio.com).
This is translated in the glowing language like new shows, new talents, new promos, new guests, new tributes, new interviews (already confirmed a forthcoming one with a great Oldskool legend, celebrating his 30 year old project) and most of all catching up again with you all. An ideal company of friends from around the globe, sharing our passion for uplifting positive vibes on a varied Hardcore Rave tip and even higher!

Now some of you might wonder why that hiatus took so long ... 

I've been off regular shows since 2017, doing only some occassional showcases on Kniteforce Radio since 2018 including either tributes (e.g. 'Keith Flint Tribute') or interviews (e.g. Marusha, Leeroy Thornhill, DJ Vibes etc.)
The truth is that Kniteforce Records, Luna-C and KF Radio manager Lowercase, have been always supportive to my work within the scene. Basically they've asked me hundreds of times to join the KF Radio since its formation in the summer of 2017but due to the very busy schedule with blogging and #GLOWBUZZing, I had broadcasted just a few special editions (as called) of Generation X [RadioShow].

However, these lockdown days of Spring happened to be a good call to me to reload myself and this project that I'm 100% proud of. And we all needed that, I can feel it. Your continuous messages and love about our special relationship and how the scene's growing day by day with new artists & labels. With this picture inside my mind, I've made a handmade draw of the new GenX shows, placed also by a video teaser.
And by the way, some of you might wonder what these greek words mean on the artwork. Well...

ΕΙΡΗΝΗ (irini) = PEACE
ΑΓΑΠΗ (agapi) = LOVE
ΕΝΟΤΗΣ (enotis) = UNITY

No words further, off to catch you up once a month for our exquisite 90 min' radio party on the Kniteforce Radio!

  • PREMIERE:: 6th October 2020

Go with the Glow crew!

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