Tuesday 5 March 2019


I'm totally heartbroken the last days, and I can't still face the truth...

4th March 2019 is a very weird, depressing and horrible day, as one of my personal music heroes, a Dance Music icon as well as 'a true pioneer, innovator and legend' (as the band has stated) has passed away...

KEITH FLINT from THE PRODIGY, the original Firestarter, the nutter punkin instigator, the hell-raised frontman of madness, is setting up the flame from another dimension from now on and feels like a big part of my youth is gone.
A colorful part from the mid-90's is broken and it's unfinished like this quick silly doodle done as a little kid when got blinded with the 'Firestarter' tune.

(my Firestarter doodle from 1996)

A legend, who taught us to deliver energy & madness in everything. An indispensable part of my music religion, THE PRODIGY, which is the cause while I'm opening my heart the last years over my shows, blogs, mixes, dealing more professionally within the music scene and not to forget also to mention The Prodigy Tribute parties in Athens.

A unique performer, singer, dancer. A complete Punk Raver. Risky and wild, scary but kind, an eternal teenager, iconic frontman of the deep meaning of the Dance music education.
Man of no rules, a human revolution, son of high speed on his motorcycle, dog father, a terror in stage but one of the brightest smiles providing raw chaos! Having also inked the word 'Inflicted' on his stomach, his most painful tattoo as revealed. The attractive double mohawk, or even the unforgettable intro performance of 'Break & Enter' and tons of others to mention... 

When you speak to somebody about THE PRODIGY first thing that comes into their mind is KEITH FLINT. There's almost no PRODIGY gig and no UK Olympic Games without some 'Firestarter'...

The biggest Dance music icon of the 90's runs with his wolves now from up in the sky and believe me it's very hard to type that at the moment, but trying to keep calm and strong, because this is what PRODIGY's music is about. Strictly for the headstrong!

I just won't mention anything about what he said back then on various interviews as most of the network is bombing at present with his lifestyle, habits etc. cos big fans already know some stuff.
It's a very sad day, a sad period for us who breathe inside THE PRODIGY vibe and for everyone close to KEITH.
It takes much time to overcome it, but hands down. This is how I was personally raised and won't regret it at all.

We Live Forever!
We Live For The Beats!

Rest in Peace KEITH FLINT.


  1. Really an absurdly sad thing. I feel like a friend is gone. Many and many years accompanying everything they do .... very sad. But despite the lack he will do, I will always remember his energy and his contagious smile .. his legendary performances and dance step that until today I try to imitate .... that he is at peace wherever he is .. ..

    1. Same feeling to me as well brotha. He's the beginning of my music infection, big & unique performer...

  2. Its been 4 days now and the pain is still there. I still cant believe it. When I first heard the news on monday morning I went for a walk and i started crying. Then to find out it was suicide shocked me further. I couldnt sleep thinking about it. I never thought I'd feel this way about someone I never met... but as many others have said, its as if a part of our childhoods have gone.

    Thanks for the article, glowkid... I've found that reading posts like this has helped... knowing that i'm not the only one feeling this way!

    1. Man, I see a big amount of people feeling and reacting the same, which is a sign how unique legend this man was..We've lost an icon of the 90s & one of the greatest performers ever!