Tuesday 12 February 2019

'WE ROB RAVE 3' Glowmix

Actually let's take things from zero point.
It was around late 2014 while exploring the amazing world of Soundcloud; I've stepped into two impressive oldschool influenced tunes by Polski duet PZG & Dubsknit and to be honest, I still remember my enthusiasm and the whole reaction when listened to 'Sorry Josh' and 'Desirave' for the first time.
These tunes were the first previews of a masterpiece of a project that it was about to come out in various parts.

'WE ROB RAVE' was officially released in January 2015 on Polish Juke, followed by Volume 2 which came 2 years after in Cock Rock Disco.

Both outstanding by all means!

And, now due to this massive exposure as well as PZG & Dubsknit hard work within the Breakcore scene, both chaps are back with the third Volume released on Suck Puck Recordz from Ukraine. In my opinion this is currently the best underground Breakcore label worldwide and those who follow my reviews in here, you might remember that it was one of my recommendations/highlight labels of 2017.

'WE ROB RAVE 3' is comprised of 16 tunes available in the digital format of the album (+2 bonus on the limited CD/ 100 handmade screenprinted copies only) all obeying the usual formula of Rave Footwork. Message is clear. Expect slamming vibes of hype, wise sampling and Hardcore mentality to the bone.

So, apparently the only thing I could do when I received the promos of the album this weekend, was expressing my excitement & support for this highly glowly recommended Album on a smashing mix.

Tried showcasing it and pay homage to its buzz!

'WE ROB RAVE 3'  Glowmix Tracklist

01. intro
02. Session Love
03. Awfully Deep
04. Stupid Bass
05. U Got Me
06. New Dream Direction
07. In My Mind
08. LFO's for hoes (VS Lux Familiar)
09. Shockwaver (VS. Riffz)
10. Im a Hardcore Android
11. Capella
12. Cast A Spell
13. So real So real
14. Moovin Hardcore
15. Trouble roots
16. Lets Be 6
17. Alright (Raggamortis Remix)
18. Soundbwoy Lovah




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  1. I'm halfway through and tracks 6, 7, and 8 are absolute bangers.