Wednesday 20 June 2018

Unity In The Sun 2018 Special + Interviews STU ALLAN/DJ VIBES/JONAY/JENNA/MC STRICT

Unity In The Sun 2018 Five words that express it all and the only thing I can say is paying homage to the management behind (Billy Daniel Bunter, Fat Controller, Sonya) as well as all people involved on this year's Unity. Anyone who made it happen and getting it on a higher level than last year. A very promising festival for the most proper holidays of your lifetime. If you haven't lived it up yet, you should definetely try it starting from next year... The sets were all around amazing, happy faces, dancing nutters, outstanding boat parties (5 in total) around 100 performing artists, 20 brands and the list goes on and on...
Same like last year, I came back from the astonishing mini-holiday in the beautiful spot of Kavos in Corfu, with only good words to say thus broadcasted a special edition of Generation X [RadioShow] @ Kniteforce Radio; totally dedicated to this year's shinny mayhem!

Couldn't ever forget the OSN Radio takeover with Stu Allan, Mark XTC & Rob Tissera alongside MC Strict energy on a unique Boat Party that I wish it will never end, as well as various dj sets from Scott Brown, Lavery, Billy Daniel Bunter and last but not least Jonay who fired up the place!
Noteworth the fact that the mighty singer, Jenna has performed live on the Boat the classic 'Heart of Gold' by Force & Styles and many good memories were reborn that moment.

So, regarding all these I've summed up my words & emotions and presented a 90 min. showcase alongside my exclusive interviews from there with Essex Happy Hardcore hero DJ Vibes, no.3 in DJ MAG top djs of 1993 the legend Stu Allan, Spanish Oldskoolholic Jonay, Jenna and my good fella & non stop machine MC StrictAlong with these interviews, you can listen to fresh nuskool Hardcores from Trigger Happy, Sonic Trip, tzeexicu, Amaretto, Raveskool Recordings, Force & Styles, Rykennon & The Ad-vanc3d, Nayim, Neurygma, DJ Mayor, Billy Daniel Bunter & Sanxion, Insane & Mind, Damage Inc., LooPeZ, Wislov (worth getting some mention as they're on my mix)

Till then take a listen if you haven't (or reload your memo) to my special showcase as broadcasted on 16th June @ Kniteforce Radio!

Interview with JENNA: 24:00 
Interview with DJ VIBES: 31:24 
Interview with STU ALLAN: 53:27 
Interview with JONAY: 1:03:46 
Interview with MC STRICT: 1:18:22

I can highly recommend you to book now ( for next year to live the experience of a lifetime from sunset to sunrise.

And closing with some foto footage as deserved...

with Nicky Blackmarket

with Billy Daniel Bunter & MC Strict

Interview with Jenna

Interview with DJ Jonay

Interview with Stu Allan

with Scott Brown & DJ Vibes @ Boat Party

signed tee

with MC Strict

Interview with DJ Vibes

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