Sunday 6 May 2018

GL0WKiD pres 'Rave Satellite Special' + Interview w. MARUSHA @ Generation X [RadioShow] (5.5.2018)

So this is how it goes... In July 2017, it was aired the very last GenX showcase - tribute to Altern-8's 25th anniversary of 'Full On Mask Hysteria' along with an Interview w/ Mark Archer. And now 9 months later, I've sorted out a special edition of Generation X [RadioShow] broadcasted on Kniteforce Radio presenting a seriously essential show.
The reason that I really enjoyed this one, is a doubled value. Firstly I had the honour and great chance catching up with one of my personal music heroes of my youth like the Rave Queen MARUSHA and secondly getting GenX show on a station run by a Hardcore Father like LUNA-C (who's a big inspiration to the music I adore & represent)
Both of them two have been within the music scene for almost 30 years and are much appreciated and respective for me!

So, on 5th May 2018, the 'Rave Satellite' has finally landed on Kniteforce Radio; in other words the brand new, and 8th album in total by the legendary Rave Queen, MARUSHA, is out there now, following a different direction this time.
In case you would like to get deep into her new album, you have to listen to my recent showcase which pays homage to this established female artist!

Generation X [RadioShow] proudly presents 'Rave Satellite' Special + Exclusive Interview with MARUSHA talking about many interesting topics from her early days, the album progress & Raveland to LoveParade, her forthcoming project, Vinyls, her connection with Greece and so many many other interesting stories and answers.. Better give it a listen, there's too much good info inside.

Additionally, I have to admit that we had a great contact in overall, and I seriously enjoyed very much that 90 min' showcase like everyone worldwide, who listened to it and keeps on sending me only positive feedback. Thank you guys! And, yes indeed, MARUSHA is a very kind, down to Earth and mostly creative & versatile music personality that won't disappoint anyone.

You can buy/stream her new album here: and let the 'Rave Satellite' land on your stereos...

Till then, here's the latest Generation X [RadioShow] which includes tunes from 'Rave Satellite' then my interview with MARUSHA (around 26:00) and closing with a few classic oldies & remixes on her tunes released during mid-90s in the legendary Low Spirit Recordings.
As always feedback is welcome.. I'd describe it as an educational 90min' showcase.

You'll see what I mean...Enjoy:


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