Wednesday 11 April 2018

Nuskool Hardcore Mix (April 2018)

Since I'm missing a lot these bright uplifting GenX days, thus decided to replace this big absence and nostalgia with a Mix stepping in the same spirit like on my radio show. In regards to the music part particularly. Won't fill that gap completely but it's just an expression at present, in times when the second episode of #GLOWBUZZ is in good progress...
Well, I've been receiving tones of promo stuff over the last months and I'd like to display it somehow and support anyone who sent me copies. And mainly to showcase these tunes because they're BIG! re-THANK you all again for the promos!

Into the point.
Highlights of this mix? Better to mention what's coming up soon. That doesn't mean that I 'erase' tunes like Dave Skywalker's bangfaced remix or PZG & Dubsnkit collab?
But I'd love to be right on time with freshness and furthermore to let you heed to what's been cooked in overall now within the scene.
Firstly, a couple of unreleased tunes from DJ Revive, DJ Beeno (both outstandig tunes and badly underrated producers. Labels need to check them out!!) as well as a forthcoming and very lovely masterpiece by Coco Bryce & Tim Reaper on 
Myor Massiv! Then you can listen to a new collab by Luna-C & Saiyan. Tune is titled 'No Errors' and this gained my attention instantly when I got that 3track promo. Gonna be out soon in 12" Vinyl format on Kniteforce Records.
Additionally Trigger Happy is about to release its second chapter and it's totally long awaited from the masses, as people have embraced the 1st 2track EP. All tunes are golden and catchy and can't say anything further... Other than that need to close this little featured by giving some props to the Japanese Skool and producers like Yudaidhun, Amaretto, Pianoid & ENNNN, rira who keep the vibe alive in the Long Island.


PZG & Dubsknit - Heyyy Music Is Nothing [COCK ROCK DISCO]
Andrew Juke - HYPE1 [HOOD RECORDS]
Age of Love - Age of Love (Chrissy Murderbot Remix) [WE BUY GOLD]
Sample Junkie - Yes Jah (Dave Skywalker Remix) [IN:FLUX AUDIO]
Mr Oizo - Flatbeat (Scartip 160 hi-jack) [Free DL]
Pianoid - Chase devil (booty jungle sinebass rave remix) [Free DL]
Amaretto - Go Back [SELF RELEASE]
Pianoid - Augmented Raver [Free DL]
DJ Revive - Thru The Nite [UNRELEASED]
DJ Brisk - Make It Rough (Insane & Mind Remix) [Free DL]
DJ Beeno - This Is No Game [UNRELEASED]
DJ Brooksie - Want Your love (Stronger Mix) [Free DL]
Preternatural Substance - The Dove
Unknown Artist – B2 [FORTHCOMING - TRIGGER HAPPY Vol.2]
The Vibe Controller - The 95 Vibe [RAVESKOOL RECORDINGS]
Shadowplay & Ant To Be - 1234 [KNITEFORCE RECORDS]
rira - Logical Invasion (Yudaidhun Remix) [REWINDBACK RECORDS]

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