Wednesday 14 June 2017

"UNITY IN THE SUN Special" Interviews w/ Billy Daniel Bunter/Ratpack/DJ Vibes/Fat Controller @ Planet Rave Radio (13th June 2017)

Back from the ultimate experience of UNITY IN THE SUN, held in Kavos/Corfu and got lots to say and post, hence I've decided doing a special showcase totally dedicated to the management behind it (Daniel, Sonya, Jay) as well as each and everyone involved like djs, producers, all big brands & all ravers & junglists who attended and spreaded their souls. Any who missed it or any other who would like to join next year's Unity In The Sun can secure it by booking now @

Entering the festival moments now and I'll personally never forget the amazing 4th day of the festival, a trip during an astonishing Boat Party by the wicked rhythms of Ratpack, Billy Daniel Bunter, DJ Vibes, Uncle Dugs, Ragga Twins, Fat Controller etc. and then closing with the Epidemik night, where I was happily on a big lineup playing my set right after the legendary Mark Archer of Altern-8. Have to send my Bigup to MC Strict for his live jammin' during my set.

Kavos as a place can be described as a UK settlement, even tho I was on a Greek place, the UK spirit and flavour was surrounding and that made me think that I was on a summer rave in UK.
Happy shinny people, big sets (with highlights from Faydz, Vibes, Mark Archer) and finally meeting all these great gents in person and having some cool chat off the record and some essential interviews for a special radio show, which was broadcasted on 13th June @ Planet Rave Radio.

Regarding my interviews. First of all goes with Ratpack. Mark and Evenson, who are well known in Kavos over the last 20 years, thus they do have only good words to say about this place. Additionally they speak about their upcoming Album "co(lab) rats" and a good surprise of a forthcoming Vinyl..!
DJ Vibes then, speaks just a few hours after his set and his arrival to the island from Ibiza. Such a good lad, taking it from his past to present goodness.
Finally closing with 2 founding heads of Unity In The Sun, who are Billy Daniel Bunter and Fat Controller. Both speak about the festival and the scene at present. Really essential stuff in overall and glad that all of these established guys had something good to say and good to reveal on these interviews sincere to us all in the scene.

w/ MC Strict @ Epidemik night

w/ Ratpack

Faydz/Billy Daniel Bunter/Evenson Allen

Captain of the ship - Evenson Allen

Interview w/ Billy Daniel Bunter

w/ Fat Controller, Shockin B, Billy Daniel Bunter

w/ Devious D

w/ Mark Archer

w/ Ratpack

w/ DJ Vibes @ Boat Party

Interview w/ DJ Vibes

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