Wednesday 8 February 2017

GL0WKiD pres. Generation X [RadioShow] with DieTRAX (JP) Special Guest - Planet Rave Radio (07FEB.2017)

This show was recorded as broadcasted live @ Planet Rave Radio on 7th February 2017 - presented & hosted by GL0WKiD. Live streaming from Athens/Greece.

Few words are necessary, before entering show's chapter..
And this goes to my special guest who's the third one so far on my show, hailing from the Lond JP Island.

A great example of Japanese Hardcore exposure is definetely DieTRAX (a.k.a. Daisuke Miyamoto) who's a hard working and talented producer, DJ and active member of the well known JP act, HONDALADY!
I got to know his stuff some years ago by listening to his collab albums with FFF over Murder Channel, unleashing successful and buzzing vibes and being into the right way of Hardcore, and so after hosting FFF on last week's show, this week found his 'step brother' from Hiroshima on a marvellous Oldskool Happy Hardcore, Strictly Vinyl DJ set, spinning some of his favourite tunes from back in the day!

DieTRAX Vinyl selection for his GenX Guest Mix

DieTRAX was also interviewed exclusively for the GenX massive revealing that he surely wants a lot doing a following third LP with FFF (and Tommy wants that too as he said on his interview last week) thus this makes it 'news of the week' coming through GenX show.

In addition getting deeper to his music life, his interest in Hardcore music began around 1992, when he firstly listened to Nu-Matic (from XL Recordings) and then Altern-8 and The Prodigy and so that made him getting into production around 1993 releasing his first personal album 'The Eight Bit Strikes Back' in 1999.
His recent release is featured on the recent 'Parallel Hardcore Vol.3' album, which is out now on Mob Squad Tokyo and is a slammin Early Hardcore/Gabber release for the headstrong crew!
Nuff said..
Enjoy this full on uplifting Hardcore of joy showcase, closing with 10 minutes dedicated to the fresh Trainspotting 2 movie which came out officially on 27th January...

尊敬 DieTRAX for the big Guest Mix and the whole class work so far, and to all Japanese crew for the live panic on Planet Rave chatroom (even if it was 4am local JP time!!). Bigup to all GenX massive as always!
(P.S. Hope my Japanese split words were fine lol)

Wear a smile and...Enjoy!


★ GL0WKiD mix

Damage Inc. - Rave Be Far Out V.I.P
Dazzler - In My Mind
DJ Rave In Peace - Stylin'
Insane & Mind - Bring It Back [HOH RECORDINGS]
Yudaidhun feat. Luttefairs - Ravers' Style
Brisk & Ham - On & On (Slipmatt Mix) [NEXT GENERATION RECORDS]
Nayim & Luffy - Frenzy (Luffy Remix) [WAFFLE RECORDS]
Jow & Dave Skywalker - Got To Give It [Forthcoming ENDOR RECORDINGS]

★ Interview with DieTRAX (Time: 27:40)

★ DieTRAX Guest Mix

01. DieTRAX - Dragon & Quest IV [ALL JAPAN RECORDS]
02. DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer - You Are The One [SLAMMIN' VINYL]
03. The Dok - Strings of Life '94 ['89 REVIVAL]
04. Ravers Choice - Loving You Is Easy [RAVERS CHOICE]
05. Ravers Choice - Keep Rushin' [RAVERS CHOICE)]
06. DJ Vibes & Wishdokta - Gonna Be Alright [HAPPY TRAX]
07. The Timespan - Shout Now (Hixxy & Sharkey Remix) [REMIX RECORDS-KNITEFORCE RECORDS]
08. DJ Brisk - Airhead [REMIX RECORDS)]
09. DJ Ham - Listen Up
10. 4 Tune Fairytales - My Little Fantasy (Special Edition Remix) [MFL]
11. DieTRAX - Ki-Ki-Ki-Ss Me More [AVSS]
12. Moby - Into The Blue (Uplifting 4 Beat Mix) [MUTE]
13. Vinylgroover - Phantasm (Remix) [HECTIC RECORDS]
14. Supreme, UFO & Stompy - Stay With Me [HECTIC RECORDS]
15. Digital Reality - Wake Up (Jod Sh 101 Mix) [SOUND OF THE SUPERMARKET]

★ GL0WKiD Closing tunes

High Contrast - Shotgun Mouthwash (Jungle Remix) [3Beat]
Iggy Pop - Lust For Life (The Prodigy Remix)


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