Friday 30 December 2016

Last review of 2016

2016 is coming to an end in a few days, hence for your listening pleasure, I've recently finished doing a celebrating mix to close this year and that is featured on the annual Strictly Nuskool Blog ''HALL OF FAME'' series compiled by myself and Tariq Ziyad presenting our Top of the Top tunes throughtout 2016!

Strictly Nuskool Blog pres. "HALL OF FAME 2016"

CD1 mixed by GL0WKiD
01. Xenophobia - Rush In The House (Remix)
02. Xenophobia ft. GL0WKiD - Glow To The Rush
03. B2N - Hardcore Come Again!
04. DJ Nexus - Oh Yeah
05. DJ Pursuit - Funk-E Fantastik [PARANOID RECORDINGS]
06. Force Mass Motion & Druid - Rave (Lets Go)
07. Sparki Dee - Meant The World To Me
08. DJ Force & The Evolution - Fall Down on Me (Bunter & Sanxion Back to Labrynth 94 Remix) [KNITEFORCE RECORDS]
09. King Julien Sound System - Big Bang [SWAFFELCORE RECORDS]
10. TNO Project - The Advice [KFA]
11. Kolanek - Your Love [DETRIMENTAL AUDIO]
12. DJ Rave In Peace - Give Yourself
13. Dave Skywalker - The Track With The Long Note [OFF ME NUT]
14. Paul Cronin - Kim K's Boobs Out [RAVESKOOL RECORDINGS]

15. Graz - Caustic Neon [RAVERTOOTH TIGER]
16. Monks & Mort - Don't You Want [RAVESKOOL RECORDINGS]
17. Gareth Monks - Slammer Alert
18. Pursuit - Everybody Is In The Place (Pursuit Amen Remix)
19. Yudaidhun - Fantasy (Yudaidhun Imagination Remix)
20. ankokushinwa - T.F.K (space ragga mix) [NIZIGEN COMP]
21. Insane & Mind - Open Up Your Heart [HOH RECORDINGS]
22. Robbie P - Robbies Took Chemicals [STRICTLY NUSKOOL]
23. Empyreal - ADM (DJ Luna-C's 1994 Remix) [KFA]
24. Inspector Sands - Feel The Heat [CLSM]
25. Finchman - Desire For You [XTRAHARD RECORDS]
26. Paul Cronin - Tokyo Gate (Wtf Remix) [RAVESKOOL RECORDINGS]
27. Inspector Sands & CLSM - Everybody Bounce Now [REBUILD]

You may also read the celebrating ''TOP 5 OF 2016'' BIG article @ Strictly Nuskool Blog (LINK) featuring a big variety of Albums, Tracks and highlights of 2016 shared and reviewed by 20 contributors like myself, Tariq Ziyad, Alex K. (Criterion Records), Biohannya, Breakforce One, Coco Bryce, The Crazydutchman, Dave Skywalker, FFF, Jakazid, DJ Jedi, Kushti, Missqulater, Posthuman, Saiyan, Si-2 Bad Mice, Ume (Murder Channel), Sparki Dee, Damage Inc., BreakbeatScientist.
Definetely a great read!

About Generation X [RadioShow], I've already announced FFF (Triple Times F) as my special guest for the new year @ Planet Rave Radio (date tba) and this can be described like a marvellous showcase with Tommy putting a 'best of' mix of him alongside a radio interview about his story so far. Big things coming up from the Dutch Junglist!

Closing my message, I would like to thank a lot all of you, standing by and feeling my radio show (which is the beginning and the key to my GK project), so hugs and bigups to you all around the globe!

2016 has been a weird year but pretty good things happened that I will never forget such as my performance, and the whole buzz of the Old Skool Festival 2016 in the capital of Nu-Rave, Lodz/Poland.
Secondly, my collaboration with Sid from the legendary '90s Hardcore Rave act Xenophobia on the ''Glow To The Rush'' which has gained love and big support from various Hardcore heads such as Billy Daniel Bunter, DJ Luna-C, DJ Faydz (just to name a few of them) and of course all big guests, all established ones and legends sending promos and giving me their big appreciation to what I've been doing over the years!
Respect to all!

I wish you a happy new year, go outsid, drink & eat a lot and have fun with your friends.

Let's try being the same creative and strong in 2017, as we've been all during 2016!

Glowluv <3

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