Friday 6 May 2016

Reached 1K likes on my Facebook page - Enter the CONTEST and WIN!

I'm very pleased seeing my official page on facebook reaching 1,000 likes and it's a great moment I admit, since in a few months from now I'll be celebrating 5 years in a row, running this show and receiving big love from all of you, which is the most important on this music trip, personal expression and crew mission.

I will make a large post about this essential anniversary after summer holidays, but now let's focus on the contest I've set up about this 1K love over facebook.


1. Subscribe your e-mail address here:  and then confirm it successfully.

Deadline: 16th May

A random winner will be announced on my next showcase on Tuesday 17th May at 17:30 [UK TIME] @

- Limited CD copy of Greg Sin Key's personal album 'Let Me Hear You Shout' [INTENSIVE RECORDINGS]
- Limited CD copy of 'Strictly Nuskool Vol.2' [STRICTLY NUSKOOL]
- Hard copy including all my radio shows archives (.mp3 format) from last season @ Planet Rave Radio.
- Glowstickers

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