Friday 18 September 2015

GL0WKiD's Generation X [RadioShow] on Breakspoll 2015 results breakdown (pie charts)

Breakspoll 2015 - Best Radio Show pic charts

Breakspoll 2015 results breakdown for all categories alongside pie charts, are now published on the official website and facebook page of this great annual International Breakbeat Awards.

I'm personally really pleased & stoked again for all the support been receiving all over these years from every single listener wordwide, who's into the GenX spirit. My nomination to the top 5 on the 'Best Radio Show' category in 2014, is literally followed successfully by hitting number 8 spot on the latest 14th International Breakspoll Awards, which were held around March 2015.

Bigups again to all who voted for GenX, its much appreciated!

Best Radio Show
01. Breakout Breeze – Beatman and Ludmilla (Petofi Radio)
02. Lady Waks in Da Mix (Radio Record)
03. Disc Breaks with Llupa (NSB Radio)
04. A-List Breaks with Alt-A (Nubreaks Radio)
05. Hong Kong Ping Pong – Beating The Crates (NSB Radio)
06. The Armory Podcast – DJ Zach Moore
07. Future Breakz Live – Fastbinder (NSB Radio)
08. Gl0wkid's Generation X Radio Show (Planet Rave)
09. The Get On It & Jackin Sessions – Tony SlackShot (
10. Redemption Bass – Breaksjunky (NSB Radio)
11. The Crooked Audio Show – Crooked Sounds AKA Billy Onions (NSB Radio )
12. IBWT Music Podcast – Record Breaks (Radio Record)
13. My Light Leora on Radio Boomtown
14. Booty vs Bass Radio with Josh Chambers (Nubreaks)
15. Breaks In Your Face (Record Radio)

Finally here's the official statement about the Breakspoll 2015 pie charts as posted on the official website (

"After collating hundreds of thousands of votes, Breakspoll 2015 took place in March 2015 at Sound Control in Manchester with the winners announced on the night. But what about those who didn’t have a podium finish? We’ve exported the a segment of the top of each category, so you can see where your favourite artists, tracks and events finished up. Every vote counts, and now you can see it! We’ve also add Pie Charts over on our Facebook."

Check out all Breakspoll 2015 pie charts here

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