Interview - Bass Scoops Radio
John Bass Scoops

(21st October 2023)


Interview - The Deluxe & Bradders Podcast
Steve Theobald & Paul Bradley

(26th April 2021)


"Bradders and I were delighted to talk to GLOWKiD about life, the rave scene and everything in between. This podcast was a lot of fun as it was out first time in actually interviewing the interviewer! GLOWKiD was, and is, a cornerstone of our scene and it was an absolute joy to get to talk to him. So listen now! Big Ups to the GLOWKiD!" - Steve DJ Deluxe

"What an honour and a pleasure it was to interview GLOWKiD, the well respected rave-scene interviewer and blogger himself. We jumped at the chance to have a chat about topics both relevent and random, learning new things along the way, and most importantly we got a rare glimpse at the face behind the mask! Big up GLOWKiD, big up Deluxe, and the biggest of ups to all the listeners!" - Bradders

Interview - The Crazy Dutchmans Blog (TCD)
Martin van Zeelandt

(20th May 2018)


Interview - Strictly Nuskool Blog
2nzy (Damage Inc)

(23rd September 2016)

Interview & Guest Mix - Solid Sound FM show
Presented by DJ Kushti
Originally broadcasted on 93.9 Dublin South FM

(22nd July 2015)

That time, Luna-C reviewed this session on one of his blogs at the Kniteforce Records website:

'' Having heard GL0WKiD before (he gave me a set for the Kniteforce podcast, Podcast 44 – go check it out), and having been in contact with him a number of times, the show definitely lived up to expectations. The last time I listened to one of his mixes I was surprised and happy to hear a large variety of hardcore tracks that were both breakbeat and modern and seemed to exist in a world of their own. It was fantastic, and this mix is more of the same, so it couldn’t be better really. GL0WKiD is a great Dj and all the mixes are tight enough that I sometimes couldn’t detect them. This mix showcases a different style of hardcore, one we could do with more of in my humble opinion, plus it is a very good interview with GL0WKiD. In the modern day, we all tend to message each other and often get straight to the point. So even though I have messaged with GL0WKiD before, and he has of course reviewed / posted about my music, there was a lot for me to learn about this Athens based Dj. ''

Interview & Guest Mix - Oldskoolpedia show
Presented by Skolix (Giannis Pliatsikas)
Originally broadcasted on IEK AKMI Radio

(10th July 2015)

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