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The Story So Far

Generation X [Radio Show], also known as the GenX show, is my essential 'child-project,' launched alongside my GL0WKiD project in 2011. This show bridges generations, blending oldskool and nuskool influences across various styles, including Hardcore Breaks, Acid, Jungle, Happy Hardcore, Hardcore Techno, and anything that embodies the Rave spirit.

Proudly nominated for 'Best Radio Show' at the International Breakspoll Awards 2014 as one of five nominees, it has hosted luminaries like Leeroy Thornhill, Mark Archer, Black Box, Dream Frequency, Liquid, Marusha, Coco Bryce and more. 

At GenX, the horizons and directions are always open, presenting many outstanding talented DJs, guest mixes & interviews, various tributes, and mainly fresh music offered by weekly promos. With almost 240 shows and over 60 guests, the GenX show's mission is to provide an additional uplifting vibe to the vibrant and ever-evolving rave culture.

Involved Radio: 2011-2013 (71 shows).
Guests: Neurygma, Resin, Retropolis, DJ Mark C, Tariq Ziyad, Exit Point, DJ Slim (Liquid Rollers).

'About' GenX on

Nu-Rave Radio: 2013-2014 (37 shows).
Guests: Nefti, DJ Nee, Mana Boom, DJ Casketkrusher, Hamsta, DJ Rave In Peace, Menace.

In April 2014, I had an honoured moment and achievement as GenX was nominated into the Top 5 radioshows in the category 'Best Radio Show' on Breakspoll 2014 International Awards.

Breakspoll International Awards 2014 - Nominations

Planet Rave Radio: 2014-2017 (97 shows).
Guests: 2 Bad Mice, Luna-C, Liquid, Mark Archer, RatPack, Billy Daniel Bunter, DJ Vibes, Fat Controller, Xenophobia, Yell-O-Phase, ComeRaveInPeace, Graz, Amiga Breaks, DJ Tornado, FFF, Coco Bryce, DieTRAX, Demcore, TNO Project, Dave Skywalker, Empyreal, Spirit of Mind, Killaflaw, NJ zEn, Paul Cronin, Goreshit, Doughboy, Orestiz, Chiqui, Oneplayz, Kushti, Irultimate, Shifter, DJGEN, Neil Pruden.

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season 2014-2015 shows archive

The nomination to the top 5 on the 'Best Radio Show' category in 2014, was literally followed successfully by hitting number 8 spot on the 14th International Awards, which were held around March 2015.
You can check out the official announcement post on Breakspoll's website here including results breakdown and pie charts in all categories, and my personal blog about it can be read here

Breakspoll 2015 Results For "Best Radio Show"

Kniteforce Radio: 2018 - 2022 (30 shows).
Guests: Marusha, Leeroy Thornhill, DJ Vibes, Stu Allan, Daniele Davoli/Black Box, Dream Frequency, Jonay, The Criminal Minds - TCM, Jenna, DJ Jedi, DJ RadioSam, KeeZee, ODJ Dizzy/Straight Up Breakbeat, MC Strict, Coll3cto, We Rob Rave, DJ Terrace.

Closing this presentation/review with a trip to the early GenX days and the first teaser ever made for Generation X [RadioShow]..  (Recorded in Greek language).
You might be interested on this one as all things began by that time!

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