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"Behind every mask there is a face, and behind that a story" – Marty Rubin

  • 2011
GL0WKiD ('0' written with a zero officially) was born in central Athens during the vibrant Greek summertime. Inspired by the spirit of institutional radio and a deep love for Dance music, i have embarked on the journey of creating this solo project and expression. My very own Generation X [RadioShow] was also conceived by that time, serving as a dedicated platform to set the musical bridge between oldskool and nuskool generations under a rave umbrella.

  • 2013
I teamed up with The Prodigy Fanboy, contributing news articles on the website and hosting 'The Prodigy Fanboy Podcasts', covering all things related to The Prodigy. Fanboy has supported all of the Prodigy Tribute parties in Athens, which I organized personally. These tribute events hold immense significance for me, as The Prodigy sounds have played a pivotal role to my passion for music. Moreover, this year marked the beginning of my contributions to the Strictly Nuskool Blog and my inclusing in the Nu-Rave Radio crew.

  • 2014-2015
In April 2014, Generation X [RadioShow] was nominated in the Top 5 radioshows in the category 'Best Radio Show' on Breakspoll 2014 International Awards. Followed the same achievement a year after, as the show entered the Top 8 in the same category at the same annual awards.

  • 2016
This year marked a significant milestone with my first international booking at the renowned Old Skool Festival in Lodz, Poland. It was an incredible experience sharing the stage with Nuskool acts and legends such as N-Joi, Rachel Wallace, Rozalla, Sublove, Ragga Twins, DJ Tornado, and Greg Sin Key, among others. Furthermore, towards the end of the year, I had the privilege of collaborating with London's oldskool rave act, Xenophobia, known for their iconic '92 anthems 'Rush In The House' & 'The Wobbler'. Our collaboration and friendship led to a digital single titled 'Glow To The Rush,' where I provided the lyrics and vocals.

  • 2018
I moved to Kniteforce Radio. And, for my debut show there, I hosted an interview with Marusha on behalf of her album 'Rave Satellite'. One of the countless interviews that I'm still very proud of. My personal vlog (or video show) called # GLOWBUZZ was conceived that year too, gaining traction by many within the Nu-Rave scene.

  • 2020
My first personal official compilation release landed by the title
'GLOWKiD pres. The Generation X Crew' comprised of 15 exclusive unmixed tunes. This release is about a unique musical friendship between myself and all producers involved and a true support throughout this decade. It showcases also today's Hardcore Breakbeat or Nuskool Hardcore. The compilation came out on limited CD via Sonic Fortress and in major digital platforms (Beatport, Amazon etc.) via Intensive Recordings.
Also, I joined Dublin-based Iconic Underground Magazine, contributing music reviews and charts for the print and online editions of the mag.

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